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Wednesday, February 28th 2018  6pm

This all ages class is suitable for both beginning vermicomposters and experienced ones with interest in integrating their worm bin with their larger household systems. Vermicomposting is the process of using worms (“vermi” is Latin for “worm”) to process organic food waste into nutrient-rich soil. Worms eat decaying food waste and produce vermicompost, a very effective soil amendment. Worm poop is the best compost! It is full of beneficial microbes and nutrients, and is a great plant fertilizer. Let’s just use the fancy name for worm poop—”castings”—as we discover how you can learn about about waste management by using worms. Following the Vermicomposting class, there is a hands-on workshop where attendees make their own worm bins to take home.

When:  Wednesday, February 28th 2018  6pm

Where: Bike Stop Cafe Chesterfield 17089 N Outer 40 rd, Taubman Mall. Next to POLO

Whats included: A detailed mini course on composting followed by a make & take vermacomposting bin, worms included! 

Cost: $50/person

Kids under 12 attend free with paying adult