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This hip hot-spot sits on the cobble stone streets of historic district of St. Charles, just across the street from the Katy Trail. Riders, walkers, travelers and neighbors find the Bike Stop Cafe a welcome trail destination to tune up, refuel and socialize with other enthusiasts. You don't have to be a bicycling enthusiast to feel right at home in this socially responsible cafe. 

We provide a full menu of organic, vegetarian and vegan foods, fair trade coffee and espresso in a charming historical building. This quaint little cafe serves up some of the best breakfast, wraps and sandwiches in town! Keeping with the cycling theme, you'll find cleverly named wraps, sandwiches, soups and salads with local biking trails and cycling terms such as the Klondike, Schwinn, Lewis & Clark, Katy and Juarez. Let us serve you a sandwich or wrap, on the outdoor air patio (open year 'round!), with the freshest possible produce and a lovely view of the river while you enjoy your hand crafted meal.

       As seen in "Best Breakfast Eats in Missouri" by Ann Hazelwood 

              Group and meeting space available!

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10 Things you can do to support cycling

1.  Ride your bike!  Ride it to the store, to work, for fun, for exercise, to look cool.  Doesn't matter, just ride!


2.  Join a local trail building organization like GORC (Gateway Off Road Cyclists).


3. Join a social ride group like SLAG (St. Louis Adventure Group).


4. Frequent businesses that are bicycle friendly.


5.  Get involved with legislative efforts to expand bike lanes and make cycling safer and more accessible to everyone.


6.  Remind others to Share the Road.


7.  Encourage kids to ride a bike (instead of watching TV). Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day is a fun way to get kids excited about biking again (remember how much you used to love it!). Its usually in October. Check the BSC calendar for details.


8.  Support non-profit cycling organizations like Trialnet.


9.  Bring a friend biking. The Katy Trail is a great place to take someone who hasn't been on a bike in a while.


10. Support your local bike shops.  Buying local (not off of the Internet) promotes community and maintains a cycling presence in the neighborhood