World Baking Day (May 17, 2021) inspires people to bake for their loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

At Bike Stop Bakery®, our Head Baker, Cindy, and Assistant Baker, Kaitlyn, do everything they can to make the most delicious breads and baked goods for their customers. 

Watch our feature on the bakery to see how much time, energy, and hard work our staff puts into making high quality products daily.

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Video by Michelle Sproat
Marketing Director, Bike Stop Cafe®

My name is Cindy Angeli, I am the head baker of Bike Stop Bakery®

We make about 18, large-sized Sourdough. We also make about 16 white deli loaves and 16 multigrain loaves for our restaurant. It's fresher, there's no preservatives in this bread. The nine grain multigrain bread is so nutritious, it has got nine different grains in it. I created it specifically so that it would be a little bit more nutritious than your standard wheat bread. 

We make a huge amount of Sourdough bread. On Monday mornings at four o'clock in the morning, I come in early and start mixing Sourdough. Sourdough mixes, rests for an hour, and then we do a series of stretch and folds, which is just to encourage the gluten strands to develop.

Once that is resting, or cold proofing, what we call it, I move onto other items that we need. We usually make Cinnamon Rolls, 30 at a time. Cookies, two batches of cookies. Gooey Butter Brownies, Gooey Butter Cake.

We've decided to expand our passion a little bit and started creating some beautiful cakes for our lovely customers. We make half sheet cakes, quarter sheet cakes, full sheet cakes, mini cakes, which are about eight inch round.

We can do gluten-free. If you're really serving your customers, like they deserve to be served, you should really expand those capabilities that you have to create that kind of thing.