We service all brands of bikes, including E-Bikes.
Call/text Tony or Drop off your bike for service.

Flats Fixed... $15 + Parts
        Having troubles with flats? As the cycling hub on the Katy Trail, we've got what you need to avoid flats from here on out.
From puncture resistant tires, tire liners, and fluid latex treatments, we know all the tricks to keep you happily pedaling along.
(Flat repairs on e-bikes, single speeds, bikes with fenders, pegs, or racks may cost more)

Basic Tune + Lube... $70 & up 
This gets your bike trail ready!
Includes: Minor Cleaning.
Chain stretch check and de-grease.
Cable lube and cable housing check.
Derailleur adjustment for proper shifting.
Brake shoe adjustment and re-surface.
Brake lever action check.
Minor wheel truing.
Full pedal lube.
Loose bearing and bolt check.

Minor repairs priced à la carte

Brake Pads Change... $15+ Parts Per Wheel                     New Chain... $30 & Up

Hydraulic Brakes Bled... $45 per wheel                     New Bottom Bracket... $50 & Up

Single Cable Change... $20 + Parts                        Minor Adjustments... $15 & Up

Full Cable Change & Lube... $90 & Up                   New Bikes Assembled.. $55 & Up

Wheels Trued... $25 to $35 for up to 3 spokes (does not include aero or deep dish wheels)

Computer Installed:
  Wireless... $15
  Wired.... $20 

Please remove personal items (i.e. water bottles, locks, computers, saddle bags, etc.) from bikes to be serviced.
Bikes left for more than 30 days become the property of Bike Stop Café.

Questions & Answers

Can I deliver my bike to you and have it assembled? 

Yes! With prior reservations, you may ship your bike to us and have it assembled for only $55.00 (extra charges apply for bikes needing parts or service due to shipping or packing failure). We can provide full door to door shipping services that many times are cheaper than shipping it yourself. Send us any written quote and we will do our best to beat any shipping prices.

What if I want to assemble it myself? 

We will receive and store it for only $10.