Bike Stop Cafe History
Established in 2010

Cycling advocates Tony and Jodi opened the Bike Stop Cafe to provide St. Charles and the metro St. Louis area with a sustainable bicycle shop alternative just off of the Katy Trail. Their mission was to provide customers of all walks of life, reasonably priced bicycles, service and healthy foods. Promoting alternative transportation and healthy lifestyles, they set the example in St. Charles by recycling and composting a majority of their waste. Giving back is an important part of their mission. Each year the Bike Stop Café sponsors several charity bike rides through Bike Stop Cafe Charity ride team. Don't miss out on their weekly rides which encourage new and returning riders to get rolling! They understand that every purchase we make has a social consequence, therefore they hope you choose to frequent businesses who make a difference.

Meet Jodi and Tony:

Owners of Bike Stop Café & Outpost

Jodi and Tony are outdoor/environmental advocates. They are committed in their lives to live well and promote active living. Jodi is a Science teacher and PhD student who teaches in North City and St. Charles Community College. Tony is an enthusiast of Midwestern single-track and out-of-bounds, multi-surface free-riding with over 25 years of riding experience.Together they teach mountain biking 101, vegan cooking classes,bicycle maintenance, composting and organic gardening.  They organize trail work and maintain local mountain bike trails.