11 Things to Pack for the Katy Trail

Here are the basics of what you’ll want to pack for your next (or first) Katy Trail tour. We left out personal care items--shampoo, soap, deodorant--because those go without saying. At least we think they do. If you want to go all Revenant on the trail, we don’t want any part in it.

In no particular order, here is your checklist for the Katy Trail:

  1. Pump or CO2 inflator - Forget this and you could be stuck out on the trail with nothing but your feet to get you back.

  2. Tube(s) - Bring at least 2 or carry a patch kit and know how to use it. Flats do happen on the Katy. Bikes equipped with quality tires can make the difference between an easy 25 miles to the next winery or hoping the Sonic is open late because you spent too much time repairing inner tubes on the trail.

  3. Water - Fill up every chance especially during those really hot days in August. Carry two water bottles. Hydration packs are great but add weight on your bum.

  4. Food - One of our favorite packable snacks are Kate’s Real Food Energy Bars . Other good ideas are apples, bananas, oranges, cheese, peanut butter balls (from the Bike Stop Cafe, of course), and energy gels.

  5. Bug repellent - Nothing is worse than being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

  6. Smart phone with solar charger or extra power source - Of course, you can go old-school and disconnect from the world. If that’s not your plan, we recommend a solar charger for your cell phone or external battery pack so you don’t lose touch.

  7. Sunscreen/Chapstick - Not sure what’s worse--being burnt to a crisp in the sun or being eaten alive by bugs? We don’t recommend finding out, so make sure to pack your sunscreen in addition to bug repellant.

  8. Multi tool - You’ll be ready to McGuyver your way out of any situation with this trusty tool.

  9. Chain lube - Keep everything working smoothly.

  10. Change of clothes - You never know when a dry ride can turn into a soggy one. If you don’t know what happens when you ride in wet shorts for too long, you don’t want to find out. Just trust us on this one.

  11. Chamios butter - If you’re not used to multi-day tours, you will definitely want to pick up some of this stuff. Basically, it keeps your bum from getting, um, roughed up by the seat and your cycling shorts.

Always remember to pack as light as possible. Avoid carrying a backpacks and carrying anything heavy on your body. Low, frame mounted packs are great for carrying your snacks, phone and keys.

If you want to chat about riding the Katy Trail, want to pick up an order of peanut butter balls, or even just want to hang out and talk bikes, stop into the Bike Stop Cafe or Outpost.

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