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About the Katy Trail

America's longest "rails to trails" project, the former MKT rail line, is a flat, scenic trail meandering over 225 miles from Clinton to St. Charles, MO. It's ideal for hiking, running, or cycling on just about any kind of bike. A popular travel destination, it's part of the Adventure Cycling's Lewis & Clark route as well as the American Discovery Trail. The Bike Stop Cafe hosts cyclists from all over the world as they check the Katy Trail off of their lifetime destinations list.

Local Trails & Bicycle Trips

Connector trails 

Catch the Katy on many of its connector and side trails!  

Mountain bikers in St Charles County can ride at least three great MTB trails, all accessible from the Katy Trail between Weldon Spring and Augusta (Lost Valley, Matson Hill, & Klondike - see below). 

Eco Park Trailhead

When Eco Park opened in 2009, St. Charles got a great area for residents and visitors to enjoy nature and learn about conservation. This extension of DuSable Park consists of wetlands, river outlooks, and 3 miles of crushed rock and sand trails. 

Townships: St Charles, Frenchtown

Length: roughly 6 miles (round trip); 3 miles (BSC to Eco Park and surrounding trails)

Surface: Crushed rock & sand

Suitable Rider Level: All

Map Link:

Creve Coeur Park

This trail offers a very nice crossing of the Missouri River on the Page Avenue bridge and links up with the trail system in Creve Coeur Park. Click the following link for more information on the connector trail and Creve Coeur Park. The following map directs you to the Lake Rentals Center, on the lake shore.

Townships: St Charles, Maryland Heights

Length: 19.4 miles (round trip); 9.7 miles (BSC to Creve Coeur Lake)

Surface: Gravel, Paved

Suitable Rider Level: All

Map Link:

New Town

This roundtrip route takes the Katy Trail and the Boschert Trail and goes through Fox Hill Park to Rue Royale Street in New Town. 

Townships: St Charles, Frenchtown, New Town

Length: 13.4 miles (round trip), 6.7 miles from BSC to New Town Blvd.

Surface: Crushed rock, Paved

Suitable Rider Level: Moderate and Up

There will be more trail maps to come, so check back soon for updates!

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10 Things you can do to support cycling

1.  Ride your bike!  Ride it to the store, to work, for fun, for exercise, to look cool.  Doesn't matter, just ride!


2.  Join a local trail building organization like GORC (Gateway Off Road Cyclists).


3. Join a social ride group like SLAG (St. Louis Adventure Group).


4. Frequent businesses that are bicycle friendly.


5.  Get involved with legislative efforts to expand bike lanes and make cycling safer and more accessible to everyone.


6.  Remind others to Share the Road.


7.  Encourage kids to ride a bike (instead of watching TV). Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day is a fun way to get kids excited about biking again (remember how much you used to love it!). Its usually in October. Check the BSC calendar for 2012 details.


8.  Support non-profit cycling organizations like Trialnet.


9.  Bring a friend biking. The Katy Trail is a great place to take someone who hasn't been on a bike in a while.


10. Support your local bike shops.  Buying local (not off of the Internet) promotes community and maintains a cycling presence in the neighborhood


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