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Historic Saint Charles Pumpkin GLOW

Don't you just love the way Main Street looks when it is illuminated? Join us for the Historic Saint Charles Pumpkin GLOW. Shop's OPEN LATE! Come enjoy the enchanting sight of hundreds of GLOWING pumpkins along the street. Two days only! 
Friday, October 28th & Saturday October 29th. 

Bring your camera! Many stores will be giving away samples and doing demonstrations. 
Its the Weekend before Halloween!  NOTE: This is not a Trick or Treat event. Trick or Treat on Main is Monday, October 31, 2016 From: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

*Subject to change without notice

-HOBBIT'S HOLE ANTIQUES & CURIOSITIES 1019 S Main Street 636-947-6227 25% Off Storewide

-BOONES LICK TRAIL INN 1000 S Main Street 636-947-7000

-MISSOURI MERCANTILE 904 S Main Street 314-323-2051 Wine Sampling

-GINSEY ROSE 902 S Main Street 636-219-4029 In Store Specials & Treats

-CANINE COOKIES N CREAM DOG BAKERY 822 S Main Street 636-443-2266 Sampling Dog Cookies

-MASTERSPIECES FINE JEWERY & GIFTS 816 S Main Street 636-925-1333 Free Cross Charm

-BUTTERFLY & MOON 814 S Main Street 636-493-1121 Pumpkin Spice Tea & Sugar Scrub Sample w/Purchase

-ONCE UPON A TIME 720 S Main Street 10% Off & Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean Samples

-LADYBUGS 719 S Main Street 636-724-2747 Specials and Giveaways

-LAURA'S LA PETITE 709 S Main Street 636-724-4207

-MAIN STREET MARKETPLACE 708 S Main  636-940-8626 Sampling Sauces, Cheeseballs, Dips/Mustards & Halloween Sale


-ELEMENTS HERBOLOGY 700 S Main Street Flavored Honey & Organic Tea Samples,10% Off Classes. Tarot Card Reader

-JOHN DENGLER TOBACCONIST INC 700 S Main Street 636-946-6899

-FOX & HOUNDS ANTIQUES 625 S Main Street 314-660-2847 Special Discounts On All Antiques & European Clothing 

-STRING ALONG WITH ME 625 S Main Street 636-947-7740

-BIKE STOP OUTPOST 610 S Main   Red Bull  Is Here!  Try Our NEW Red Bull Racing Eyewear

-JOAN OF ARC 525 S Main Street 636-336-6727 In Store Specials

-519 ON SOUTH MAIN 519 S Main Street 636-875-2191

-THE BRIDGE FAIR TRADE MARKET 510 S Main Street Event Specials

-RED DOOR FURNITURE CO 508 S Main Street Special Discounts

-THE HOMESTEAD 506 S Main Street 636-946-2700 Fall Specials

-THE MOTHER IN LAW HOUSE 500 S Main Street 636-946-9444 Dinner Specials

-EUROPEAN ACCENT 426 S Main Street 636-724-7677

-The Hobby Girls and Photos-By-Shell 418 S Main St, 636-575-1996 You will receive 10% off of purchases of $25 or more

-Nic Nac Stop 415 South Main 636-493-9626 In Store Specials

-LOVEMYBACKYARD 409 S Main Street 636-373-4563 Sampling Caramel Grapes

-GRANDMAS COOKIES 401 S Main Street 636-947-0088 TBD


-OOH LA LA 340 S Main 636-940-2020 Street Special Discounts

-SIOSTRA POLISH POTTERY 330 S Main Street 636-925-1480 Demo & Samples of Sauteed Polish Kielbasa from Piekutsowsk's

-MOss BOUTIQUE 329 S Main Street 636-410-0625 Giveaways & Surprise Appearances

-HELEN NICHOLE DESIGNS 328 S Main Street 636-730-0667 Country Chic Paint Specials, Event Specials & Snacks

-BELLA VINO 325 S Main Street Patio Lite Up With Pumpkins

-BOONES COLONIAL INN 322 S Main Street 636-493-1077

-THE GLASS WORKBENCH 318 S Main Street 636-946-2002 Refreshments and Fall Merchandise Specials    

-PROVENANCE SOAPWORKS 311 S Main Street 636-577-1972 Sampling Pumpkin Spiced Sugar Scrub, Snacks and Mulled Cider

-MAIN STREET BOOKS 307 S Main Street 636.949.0105 Cookies & Specials on Halloween Books.

-KILWINS 300 S Main Street 636-395-7081 Sampling Fudge, Ice Cream, Corns & Brittle

-LEWIS & CLARKS 217 S Main Street 636-947-3334   Lunch and Dinner Specials. Custom Pumpkins

-THE ART CELLAR 205 S Main Street Win Gift Certificates for Painting Classes and T-shirts

-JAKES ON MAIN 136 S Main Street 636-724-9992 Treats & In Store Specials

-ABIGAIL'S APPAREL 124 S Main Street 636-255-0295 In Store Specials & Refreshments

-BAUBLES, BITE & BOOTS 107 N Main Street 10% Off Regular Priced Merchandise

-THE EYE SHOPPE  115 N Main Street 25% off all eyewear

-LITTLE O's 125 N Main Street 636-724-0978 Sampling Gooey Butters and Soda

-PIRATE PICTURES 213 N Main Street 636-724-0798

-FRAMATIONS 218 N Main Street 636-724-8313 Artist Demonstrations

-DESIGNS BY AVE' 220 N Main Street 636-395-7605 Serving Appetizers & 15% Off Storewide Sale

-APRIL'S ON MAIN 222 N Main Street 636-395-7605 Serving Appetizers & 15% Off Storewide Sale

-MR THIRSTYS 324 N Main Street 636-875-5500

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